Chemposite T-Deck systems are the solution wherever systems are subject to corrosion, rapid deterioration, and constant maintenance problems.

The characteristics of resin and glass composite technology and advanced manufacturing techniques used in the production process make FRP T-Deck products ideal for a wide range of applications:

  • Flooring
  • Stairs and Platforms
  • Ramps and Walkways
  • Bridges
  • Equipment Covers
  • Tank Covers
  • Trench Covers

Incorporating Chemposite's fiberglass pultruded panels and structural support members, our fiberglass T-Deck is designed for safe flooring and cover systems. Chemposite's Interlocking Panel System is produced in a single pultrusion manufacturing process and conforms to BS4592: Part 4: 1992. The excellent structural and chemical characteristics of Chemposite T-Deck make fiberglass products the material of choice for industrial and commercial applications.

The interlocking design provides a continuous, solid surface. Moreover, the lightweight flooring is easy to handle and install. By easily attaching to the support framework using an interlocking system,
this simple assembly method eliminates differential deflection at the edges of the panels. T-Deck systems can be installed
by a two-man team, and without the use
of lifting equipment.

Download our latest brochures for T-Deck:

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T-Deck™ & Pultrusion